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The COGBF Women’s ministry website was born out of the vision and desire of the newly appointed Leading Lady Delois Turner McKnight. Her goal is to provide an avenue for women of all ages to have information, resources, support and fellowship in Christ. The desire is to fulfill this vision by posting quality resources to address the everyday challenges facing women of God.

This site contains a variety of articles, links and daily devotions to help women achieve personal growth, strengthen relationships and to become all God intends them to be. All are invited to participate in this exciting opportunity to join other Godly women as they commit to the authority of God’s Word.  

The purpose of this COGBF Women’s website is to provide comprehensive resources to women of all ages across the church and world.  We understand that if this project to be effective, it is essential that we provide a variety of resources to address the complex needs of women. On the top of the front page, five broad categories have been established: Spiritual Life, Personal Life, First Lady Support, Healthy Living and Financial Solutions. Within each section is an accumulation of supportive articles that can be used for self-help or to counsel others.  We call it "the library." Each category has an editor as well as a small group of contributors who are constantly looking for new resources.

Below that section is the featured article sections.  This area will be updated often to present fresh resources in a timely fashion.  These articles are being fed into the system by the Area Teams and are supported and advised by Lady Delois McKnight and the other leading ladies.

On the bottom right are several blogs that give voice to ByFaith women who want to submit original work.  Those topics include everything from child-rearing to the hottest new recipes. 

Every single word posted was done so with one simple goal in mind: CSI.  That is, to connect a diverse group of christian women from all over the world to this online community with loving support and to inspire us all to live a more victorious life.  

Our Mission

The mission of the COGBF Women’s Ministry is to connect, support and inspire women of God to use their unique gifts for strengthening relationships and the up-building of the Kingdom of God.

Our Values

For over 100-years, COGBF women have made an impact on the up-building of the Kingdom of God. We will continue by combining long proven strategies with emerging technologies. Read more about our Core Values Here:






Our Vision

In alignment with Vision 20/20 as articulated by Bishop James E. McKnight, Jr., the National Women’s Ministry will do our part to advance the Word of God to the new generation.