Our Core Values

Our Five Core Values

Value #1: We believe that women of all ages should be enveloped into a fellowship that transforms their lives by the love of Jesus Christ.

Value #2: We believe every woman must develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Value #3: We believe that women must grow in grace and in the knowledge of God through prayer, biblical study, and submission to the Holy Spirit. 

Value #4: The COGBF Women’s Ministry provides support and resources to help meet the spiritual, physical, relational, financial and emotional needs of women of all ages and cultures.

Value #5:  We believe that women should exercise their spiritual gifts under the authority of the word of God and the leadership of the church. 

The Church of God by Faith, Inc. Articles of Faith

We believe in one eternally, existent, infinite God, sovereign of the universe. He only is God, creative and administrative. Holy in nature, attributes and pupose. He as God is first in the Godhead, an essential being, revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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