Written by Pastor Anthony C. Jordan MSM, DOPA-C. Aka: PAJ: Dual State West District

That is the goal of the enemy of mankind.  As decreed by God in Genesis 3:15:

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring[a] and hers; he will crush[b] your head, and you will strike his heel.”

The enmity drives the enemy to destroy our walk, killing our ability to reach our goals, steal the fruit of our  destiny and destroy the heritage we would pass on to our children to change the world.

As I've looked on and observed, I've noticed one of the most effective tactics being utilized to destroy and limit the walk of the Church of God by Faith is  the use of Mr. C. He has been having his way in our church. He has manipulated, used and abused male and female from the pulpit to the door. He is abusing body and mind. He is shortening lives. He is impairing our preaching, shouting and even just plain walking.

I was stunned as God showed me how through the Lust of the Flesh Mr. C. is stealing life from those who at many levels wage a fantastic battle against the Lust of the Flesh. I saw experienced  Leaders, Elders, and Mothers who teach the word so effectively being ravaged through the subtle and far too accepted presence of Mr. C.

He has men and women of God under his control. He has them spewing forth salt water as their words are divine and life giving but the bellies from which this water is to flow are owned by Mr. C. Teachers are sharing truth about the merits of sanctity while their whole body is bearing evidence of the promulgation "I am controlled by Mr. C."

Our Bishop defined holiness as "Set apart, not entangled." The real life scenarios he described are of a Christian belonging to God. The Holy are those lead and nurtured by the Spirit and Word of God. They are those whose comforter is the Holy Spirit. Yet, so many in our congregations, including myself, are disobeying the Holy Spirit and seeking comfort from Mr. C. Look around you next Sunday and you'll see Mr. C. has unlimited access to the bodies that we say belong to God.

We love and submit to him like a prostitute to her pimp. Mr. C. directs the plans and controls the shopping. He controls our appetites and causes us to do what we know is not right. It appears we cannot make him let go of our throat, so that we may live to complete our calling. He is openly stealing life, before our eyes, even in bright daylight. Yet we enjoy him so much that though we know better, we are willing to be hearers only.

Knowingly, we refuse to limit Mr. C, and in fact spend our cash to permit his abuse of our children.  Thus we enslave them for him and make jokes as he begins to choke the life from our babies. I stood in shock as a mother clearly submitted to Mr. C. in front of her husband. She even spent her husbands money and added more money of her own to fund Mr. C's abuse of her family.

How did she yield to Mr. C.? I was in line at an à la carte restaurant as the Mother ordered food for her family. The selection of the food and sides was her decision, as Dad simply prepared to pay for five meals. She could have ordered vegetables to add to the protein. But no, each side was Mr. C. - Rice, Mac and Cheese and yellow corn. Each meal she created was dominated by Mr. C. Then not satisfied with that volume of empty calories, she added a sixth meal, also full of Mr. C. Finally, when her husband was stunned by an extra meal of non-nutrient calories she simply paid the cost herself.

What will be the cost of the ongoing depravity, as we yield our flesh to Mr. Carbohydrate? His carbohydrates will dominate our diet. He is inundating our diets with simple sugars, when we are not active enough to use or need them. What we do not see is that those carbohydrates are just sugar of another flavor. One instructor in my University of Washington Medical program quoting an endocrinologist said, "diabetes type II is not a disease but a consequence of carbohydrate poisoning." 


Carbohydrate-rich foods are a great source of energy, and many of them provide vitamins and minerals your body needs for good health. So, you might be thinking if some carbohydrates are good, more must be better! Well, the 'more is always better' rule is not the best one to apply when it comes to carbohydrates."

Type 2 Diabetes

Carbohydrates are your body's preferred source of energy. When you eat carbs they break down into glucose, which is the simple sugar your body and brain use for energy. Glucose gets absorbed out of your digestive tract and into your bloodstream. Your body closely regulates how much glucose is allowed to stay in your blood. When there's too much it calls on insulin, which is a hormone secreted by your pancreas to move glucose out of your blood, to address the problem.

Type 2 diabetes is a disorder involving high blood sugar levels. In this condition the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Because insulin's job is to move glucose out of the blood, having too little means that blood sugar is able to linger in your bloodstream.

Type 2 diabetes has been linked to the overconsumption of refined carbohydrates, which include white breads, pasta and many packaged snack foods. These types of carbs digest quickly and cause a rush of glucose into the blood. This increases the body's need for insulin and it's theorized (believed) that this higher demand wears out the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas leading to the onset of the disease.


So as noted above, the love and servitude we give to Mr. Carbohydrate can be toxic. Carbohydrates can cause not only obesity but Diabetes. Remember it is not just a question of can I eat it but most importantly, should I eat it. Our love of Mr. C. will alter our ability to reach our destiny. It will become a route through which the enemy of all we hold dear will steal, kill and destroy.

Philippians 4:5 Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

To win against this enemy we must do the opposite of Eve and Adam, do NOT eat! At the Atlanta convention  God placed a call upon my life to open up and share the plan he has given me to win against Mr. C. The carbohydrates in my life, will be limited to Sunday's and Holidays. I will select foods, like I select friends. I will choose the ones that help me live my best life; Proteins, Fruits and Vegetables that are packed with nutrients.

Even on my Sunday ventures I look for carbohydrates that also carry necessary nutrients and severely curtail and/or eliminate refined foods and sugars. I'd love it if you would share your stories an insights on defeating Mr. C. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There will be more articles and information coming as we bring this lust of the flesh into subjection. Please, pray for me as I fight and write about the battle against Mr. C.

Remember not only must we pray, we must obey.