Lady Zellene Smith, Central Georgia District

In my daily reading, I discovered an interesting article on Joy. It was of interest to me because I have seen so many Christians without joy. As I began to read, immediately I thought this article would encourage and inspire anyone who needs to restore their joy back into their lives. The article is called, 15 Ways to Cultivate a Joyful Heart by Maureen Kasdorf that was written in Just Between Us Magazine. The full article can be found here.

Are you merely trudging along with a fake smile telling people, “God is good” but then grumbling the rest of the day? Most people in this world are not joy-filled: they are anxious, exhausted, and dissatisfied. Yet we have been set free! Our joy should be contagious. This joy is how the world will know that we are different. Do you need a little help kick-starting your joy? Try these tips to move your joy from the inside to your outside.

From this article, I want to share the following seven points.

1. Have a “Why Not?” Day every once in a while. When someone asks you to do something, say, “Sure, why not?”

2. Find a way to surprise someone. Give a tank of gas, a flower, a dessert, or a silly card just because. When you imagine the joy the recipient will have received it, you can’t help but feel some yourself.


3. Play with your Children. Stuck inside? Put your to-do list down and play hide and seek, or tickle them, if you don’t have kids, play with your spouse.

4. Find at least one thing to be grateful for. For example, breath in your lungs, a roof over your head, salvation, sunshine, a smart brain, or water from the tap. Your gratitude will show on your face.

5. Recall God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life. Read through your prayer journals from the past few years, noting how God has answered prayers.

6. Look Up. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Ps.19:1)

7. Wear something brightly colored. A pop of color can do wonders for yourself and brighten someone else’s day, too, even if it’s just a pair of colorful socks.

 Showing your joy the journey not merely the endurance of this life, will surprise the world. Instead of looking at your struggles, look at Jesus, the One who set you free. And watch your heart fill up with joy!