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The Worth Of A Woman's Words

 Written by Minister Dominique Brunson; Northeastern NY District: May 27, 2015

 Greetings, my dear sisters in Christ!

As women, we are known as the gender that does the most talking. :) I'm sure you have heard a sister, mother, cousin, or friend say, "I just need somebody to talk to!" Most, if not all of us are guilty of uttering the very same phrase because we need to "vent" and get it out of our system whether it's something happy, sad, angering, etc. Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly why we NEED to talk? The answer is quite simple, yet complex: we have been given the special ability to release our words into the atmosphere and those words bring things to life! We often talk about realizing our worth as women in general, but we also need to take a close look at how much the words we speak contribute to that worth. Our words play a central role in making our worth "far above rubies" (Proverbs 31:10).

 God has graciously given us the power and dominion to speak the words that will shape our world. Yes, He created the world that we live in, but as he did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, he has given us the choice of trusting His plan for our lives or allowing our flesh to dictate what we speak into existence. And what we speak first originates as a thought in our mind. Why do you suspect is the reason the enemy wants control of our minds? The answer is that he knows that if he can put a leash on our mind, he can lead us around by our thoughts and our words will reflect his plans of destruction for us. Proverbs 23:7 tells us that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. If he can get us to THINK we are worthless and unwanted, then the words out of our mouths might sound like "I'll never be good enough..." or "Nobody will love me...". If he can get us to THINK that God has forgotten about us or that he doesn't intend for us to prosper, then our words might sound like "I don't have any gifts that are good enough for God to use..." or "I guess I'll never be rich...". None of these phrases are part of God's will for us because His will is for us to have life more abundantly right here on earth (St. John 10:10) and one day, life eternal with Him. Even if complete chaos has ensued around us, we can be at complete peace on the inside knowing that storms are only temporary and eventually we will make it to the other side and we will be all right!

 When we begin to realize that with the power we have been given, no matter how the situation looks naturally, we can SPEAK the words that can turn it around SUPERnaturally, we will be some dangerous sisters to Satan's Kingdom! What if we were to speak in spite of illness or disease that we WERE healed already by the stripes on Christ's back? Our bodies would have to catch up with our declaration! What if we were to speak that a marriage that looks like it might be dying would NOT die, but live? That marriage would have to catch up with our declaration! What if we were to speak that a spouse, child, or other family member WILL BE saved on this side of heaven? Their lifestyle would have to catch up with our declaration! And guess what...ALL of these declarations and so many more are possible, but you must open your mouth and SPEAK it into existence. As long as what you are speaking coincides with the Word of God, you can expect and anticipate Him to move on your behalf.

 Just imagine how many people you could encourage including yourself with your WORDS. Just imagine how many things you could accomplish in your church and community with just your WORDS. Just imagine what your life COULD look like...and then SPEAK IT BOLDLY! Be prepared to guard your thoughts (Phil. 4:8) so that what you speak will reflect the things of God and bring you to the "expected end" that He promised (Jeremiah 29:11). Remember, that when a woman speaks, things happen! J

Your Sister In Christ,
Minister Domonique Brunson
COGBF Northeastern New York District