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Video: What it's Like to be a Widow With Mother Vivian Brown

Interviewed by Minister Dominique Brunson; NE NY District, April 21, 2015

On Sunday evening, April 19, 2015, I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing one of the leading ladies of the Churches of God by Faith, Mother Vivian Brown. We both reside in Newark, New Jersey, and attend the Church of God by Faith there, where Elder Wayne Brunson, Sr. is the pastor.

She is one of the beloved mothers of the church and many (including myself) affectionately call her “Nana”. Her home is so beautiful and I love to just go sit at her feet from time to time because she has so much Godly wisdom to impart. On this particular occasion, I asked her if she would mind sharing with me some aspects of her life as the widow of the late Elder Dr. Theodore “Doc” Brown, who also helped to shape the Church of God by Faith into what it is today. She wholeheartedly agreed.

Please watch what she had to say…