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Pastors and Ministers Wives’ Retreat June 5-9, 2017

Written by Lady Michelle McBride; Slideshow by Lady Belinda Benton Lewis

Monday night set the tone for the entire retreat. Yes, over 80 women came together to embrace this year’s theme, “Taking Care of Me…Unstressed to Bless.” Upon entrance of the venue, colorful leis were presented to each woman. The theme became even more apparent as each table was beautifully decorated with palm tree and luau artifacts. Lady Kimberly Smith and the ladies of the Daytona District provided each participant with a special gift filled with relaxation items. The well-thought out games, including a Hula Hoop contest, provided tons of laughter.

Tuesday was filled with even more activities that incorporated the theme. A make-up artist demonstrated the art of applying make-up correctly. A hands-on smoothie demonstration was enjoyed by all. Fresh fruit and vegetables were on hand as blenders pureed these healthy “pink” and “green” creations. The session ended with an exhilarating exercise experience.

Wednesday was the brunch and Picture Day. The women were adorned in their peach retreat t-shirts and jean skirts. Each district was photographed by Lady Belinda Lewis as she captured memories that would be treasured forever. Lady Katrice Mackey did an outstanding job of educating the women on menopause. Her presentation was informative and entertaining.

Thursday was bittersweet. It was the last session, but it left a lasting impact. Lady Monique Jordan gave a thought-provoking message…The Body of Christ! God’s Property.  She provided her audience with stations where the women learned ways to soften their skin with household items. Our Elect Lady, Delois McKnight, recaptured our retreat experience and challenged the women to stay rejuvenated. On Friday, each woman traveled back home, “Unstressed and Blessed” anticipating Retreat 2018.