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First Lady Rap: 2016 Retreat

Submitted by Lady Belinda Lewis

They work so hard all year…teaching, reaching, supporting…you know, first lady stuff. But this week, our first ladies had the rare chance to exhale during their much needed break. Warning: What you’re about to see is not for the stuffy or faint at heart—it’s reserved for those who truly understand the grueling journey they face every day.

So during this year’s 20-year closing banquet, the retreat leaders thought it befitting to honor Founder Jessie McKnight. Things were going as expected until Lady “South Carolina Chelly and the ORC Crew” dropped some mad knowledge on the ladies in white. The ORC members (Original Retreat Committee) were given special names by Lady Jessie McKnight:

Lady Carolyn: “The Perfectionist”
Lady Thelma: - “The Voice That Doesn’t Need a Mic"
Lady Kaye: - “I'll get back with you
Lady Pam: “The Quite One”
Lady Belinda: “The Willing to Serve One”
Lady Sarah: “The Bill Payer”
Lady Michelle: “The Special Needs Child”

They laughed, went hard and most of all exhaled away some of the stress of their fully committed lives.

A good time was enjoyed by all...