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How to balance it all: Mother, Career, School, and Church

Written By Brittany Rudolph; SE Alabama/NW Florida District, Posted April 22, 2015

Greetings! My name is Brittany Rudolph and I am a 27 year old single mother. I am a graduate of Tuskegee University. My son, Christian Bernard, is 5-years-old. I am a full time employee of the State of Alabama, full time graduate student, very active in my local, district, and national church, community activist, and a mother. I remember one day as I preparing to get on the elevator my boss asked me, “Brittany, how do you do it?” I replied, “What are you referring to?” She stated, “All the hats you wear?” I answered, “My faith in God is what keeps me rooted and grounded.”  As I entered the elevator I began to praise God because I had never thought about how I do all that I do and how I actually manage to keep it all together.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days in which I get discouraged and ask God to send me some help. But then I think about all the people who are out there in the world that are suffering worse than myself, I begin to repent for praying selfish prayers. Then I begin to quote my favorite scripture to myself: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!” Following that, I look around to see how blessed I really am and then I snap out of it and get back to work.

There are times when it’s challenging balancing my priorities and fulfilling my purpose/calling in God. I am able to achieve it. As a teenager, I watched my mother carefully. She never knew that I watched her every move and reaction to every situation. My mother was a mother, career woman, daughter, counselor, friend, and a Pastor’s Wife. I watched her balance things so carefully. She never got bent out of shape. Sometimes, I would ask her, “Mom do you ever get tired?” She would say, “I have to fulfill my call.” I never heard her complain. She was so dedicated to the family and the call of God. It was her example that taught me how to stay busy for the Lord and fulfill my natural duties.

I want to encourage all of the single mothers out there. Single parents should be careful to remember that as long as they live their lives in undivided devotion to God, He will always direct them to put their children first. My son is my first priority. He loves the Lord and everyone that knows him can confirm that. Your life must be lived first to ensure your child is raised to fear the Lord and live for the Lord. This will be well pleasing to God and cause Him to shine favor on you. God has blessed me to have a VERY large support system to raise my son. I believe in my heart it’s because of my commitment and faith to God. I don’t worry about getting a husband anymore because during my time of singularity I am married to the Lord. I am committed to my son and the will and work of the Lord. God will take care of all of that in his timing.

Being a mother, career woman, volunteer, Christian woman, student, daughter, and friend is a demanding job. However, I want to encourage all of you through faith in God You can and you WILL make it!