Lady Zellene Smith, Central Georgia District

In every church there are women who are pastor wives, teachers, doctors, lawyers and the list can go on, that invest great resources to build the church and other ministries. These people may differ from one to another in the scope of their responsibility, but they have all played key roles in the building and bettering the communities in which we all call home. What happens when these women themselves hit hard times? Who is there to minister to them? It’s easy to overlook the need of someone in a place  of prominence or to discount their hardship as something their ability, faith, or resources should easily be able to handle.

Too often, those in leadership position within the church; the very people who are most able to minister to other women in places of influence, shy away from such ministry in favor of tending to the more outwardly lost, and the down and out. Those called to ministry are certainly called to help the poor and all those who have not been as blessed as themselves. It is not only the misfortunate who needs encouraging; it is for the encouragers also. Sadly, sometimes when unfortunate life events affect the encourager, they are often the last to be ministered to. Are we missing opportunities for ministry simple because we are unable to see, or unwilling to tend to the need that is right under our noses? I challenge you to identify the encouragers in your local church, your church and organization and even the women behind the men who are visionary leaders and stand with them, build them up because they need to know someone will take the time to give to them.